Sitting here in here in Turkey, miles away from the bustle of London on a sandy beach (what a lucky witch I am?), radiant sun turns into twilight, stars appear and I am reminded of the ancient greeks that for over 3000 years used to worship pagan divinities here.

I guess what I wanted to share today, was my thoughts about simple basic elemental magicks, returning to basics sometimes and mainly the importance of quiet meditation in preparation for magickal practice, of clearing the mind and ‘switching off’.


Being a Wiccan these days you can be captivated by so much paraphernalia and rituals can become overly complicated, that the basic and most fundamental magickal practices can be forgotten or overlooked. Well at least I am guilty of this.  Don’t get me wrong, I have heaps of crystals, crystal balls, offering plates, carvings, statues, etc.  But being surrounded by natural beauty hear I feel like I need less. The earth is offering so much.  And now I release that it’s not just my altar that is getting a bit cluttered, it’s my head too.

Switching off and quieting the mind can be done anywhere mind you, lying on a bed at home, in a garden or city park.  A few stolen moments where you tell yourself to stop thinking, stop making lists of things to do, stop worrying about bills, relationships, work commitments, obligations, the dog,…. Just stop!  Breathe in and out and listen. Rule number 1, do not think!

Thoughts pop into the mind, images, faces, mundane objects.  Feelings stir.  I decide to just let go of all them.  Smiling at them, I see myself for a few moments  waving them goodbye, watching them drift away momentarily on a river surrounded by darkness.  Then slowly, with perseverance I am surrounded by blackness (the towel over my face helps!).  Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Heartbeat sounds, crickets, the sea is lapping, somewhere along the beach a cild cries for a few moments. Then, concentrating, even these sounds seem to zone out or at least fade a little.

I’ve stopped thinking now, just for a few moments at first.  Maybe just for a few seconds even.  For a brief while I’d stopping thinking and fell into zone of sorts.  I want to connect with with the earth, with magicks, with spirit guides.  But how can I if I’m not connected to my spirit first?

I drift back into conscious me.  The meditation has reminded me a valuable magical lesson, that this is the me that has been socialised, educated in Britain to drink tea at 3:30 and always to say sorry, even if someone had trod on my toe.  Beyond this, in this meditative state for those fleeting moments I was beyond this, I touched an essence. This is something that was never taught, never can be socialised, something much, much older,.. a life force, an essence. My life force which perhaps doesn’t even belong to the person I think of as ‘me’. And now in this trance, I still feel like me without thinking. Therefore, if I am not a collection of thoughts, who and what is this essence that feels so familiar?  Can I learn from it?

This essence, this life force or spirit that resides within,  feels primal somehow and reminds me of eternal cycles of life, or re-cycling of life in death and re-birth. But then I’m thinking again. Quieten down, let go. Blackness again.

I see same fluid colour often; violet / purple and misty.  The colour of amethyst. I’ve noticed that by clutching my amethyst wand when I work like this seems to make the colour visions more vivid, and from here if I wanted I feel I could travel, through dreamscapes, times, planets and planes. Without thinking, I am sometimes taken. For this I’d want to be prepped further, creating a psychic protection and calling on the elemental guardians for embarking on psychic trace work, but I touching on this now in this basic trance. I’m listening, zoning in, zoning out.

I zone back to Earth again. I feel centred, grounded and most importantly prepared for magickal work now more than ever, having disconnected the mundane worry and communed with the goddess cycles.  Psychic preparations.

Here I think you make a connection, the Guardians of the Elemental Watchtowers are wary of humankind who are so used to wanting, asking and taking. Connection with these cycles shows then your psychically prepared to received their wisdom when calling on them.
I walk along the shore now.

My feet touch the sand grounding my soul with grains of natural salt, they whisper of eternal understandings – Earth.

The seas breeze whistles around my toes and through my hair, gentle and warm embodying grace and levity at the blessing of living this life – Air.

Born in the furnace of the sun, radiant in the sky I am reminded of transformation inward to out and warmest friendships – Fire.

My feet lap against the gentle tide, they speak to my soul that I may travel far and wide and let go of that which would otherwise anchor me – Water.




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