Merry meet friends,

So just 3 weeks to go to my holiday in Turkey.  It is (I hope) going to be absolute heaven.  Nothing much to do, just swim in crystal blue waters, sip iced cocktails, read my books, eat nice things, rest and finally for 2 weeks switch off the noggin and commune with earth, air, fire and water.

But then, this week I thought about looking up trip advisor for places of interest to visit as one does and was delighted to find a day trip to this beautiful Grecian pagan city called Ephesus.

Ancient city of Ephesus

The whole town of Ephesus (once Greek, now Turkish) was dedicated to the goddess Artemis, so naturally, as a crystal clutching pagan I was delighted and thought to plan a trip here and include a spiritual pilgrimage  as part of my getaway.  The Temple of Artemis was one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world, also known by her Roman counterpart name, Diana, hence The Temple of Diana.

I’m quiet excited.  This place look beautifully eerie and and I imagine that with its history it will converge upon a centre of mystical energy.  Obviously these are stock images and I’ll be updating my blog with ones I have taken and further discovery on the ancient city. I’m going to make an offering to Artemis there and also bring my crystals along and just charge them in this spiritually charged setting.


The site itself is ancient and dates back to the bronze age.


Statue of Artemis, once worshipped as an Anatolian goddess ‘Cybele’

Above you see the statue of Artemis with a strong Anatolian influence.  She looks Persian or Babylonia to me which is interesting and I suppose relates to how ancient the city was and the cultural changes that happened there.  Cult-like worship for the goddess Cybele already prevailed in the city before the Greeks renamed her “Artimus” or Artemis.  Also it looks like she has many boobs, but apparently not,..

“One of Artemis’ characteristics is that she protects fertility. This may be symbolized by the spherical objects that cover the lower part of her chest, but the common assumption that they are female breasts is incorrect. They probably represent the testicles of a bull, although they may also be gourds, which were known in Asia as fertility symbols for centuries. Artemis’ robe is always decorated with lions, leopards, goats, griffins, and bulls, which represent Artemis’ title of Lady of the Animals.” –

A more modern / typical statue of the goddess Artemis

Qualities of the Goddess Artemis

  • Goddess of the hunt
  • Protectress of the young, baby or wild animals
  • Moon goddess
  • Goddess of nature
  • Environmental protection
  • Women’s communities
  • She is practical, adventurous, athletic, preferring solitude
  • Symbolises regenerative earth power over all living things
  • Protectress goddesses
  • Patroness of childbirth and midwifery
  • Vigin-like and protects fertility and often androgynous


Anyway,. history lesson over.  I enjoyed writing this, as much for me to research and learn if nothing else.  I hope some of you will find it interesting.  It just goes to show, there are some A-MAZING pagan site dotted all over the place, especially Europe.  I will post actual pics of the place and my offering and let you know about the place when I visit.

And merry we part!

2 thoughts on “My trip to worship Goddess Artemis at the ancient city of Ephesus

  1. That sounds like it’s going to be an amazing experience for you and I can’t wait to here how it turns out. “Testicles of a bull” or gourds…I’m going to lean to gourds, lol. Might I ask what kind of crystals will you be bringing with you, and will you be doing anything to prepare spiritually for this pilgrimage?


    1. Hi Elune,

      Lovely to hear from you again. Yes,. I’m going to go for gourds too. hehe! Yes sure, I am bringing my amethyst wand, fluorite prism, some small pyramids of rose quartz, smokey quartz, my trusty tigers eye and my sodalite wand which is my psychic energy one (along with my amethyst). I’m going to write a evocation to Artemus which I will share on a separate blog post and think of a suitable offering to leave there. I might bring a mini bottle of red wine, a paper cup and a scone like cake of some sort wrapped with some herbs and a hand written copy of the evocation. No doubt it won’t last long there, but still, it’s a nice blessing to the goddess I think 🙂 blessings!


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