America’s Most Acclaimed Psychic

Jeane L. Dixon (January 5, 1904 – January 25, 1997) was an American self proclaimed psychic who made many noteworthy predictions using her fantastic crystal ball (featured below) in her newspaper astrology column and some best selling books.  I came across a replica of her crystal ball and wanted to know more about it and if indeed I could get my hands on one, as it’s such a beautiful object. Well, I discovered a few interesting facts on the subject and wanted to show off my new prized piece.

Spookily Eerie Predictions

Of her predictions, Rosemary McKittrick of wrote;

“Dixon predicted in a 1956 interview in “Parade Magazine” that a democratic president elected in 1960, would die in office. She described him as a tall young man with blue eyes and brown hair.

She later said in an interview that she also told reporters that day the president would be assassinated. When the article appeared in print, the assassination part was left out.

In 1960, John F. Kennedy was elected president By 1963 Dixon said she began to have premonitions about the President’s safety and made several attempts to warn him.

On the morning of November 22 Dixon told friends, ‘This is the day it will happen.” That afternoon Kennedy was shot and killed as he rode in an open-car motorcade in Dallas, Texas.”

Just one of her spooky, eerily accurate predications!

Crystal Ball – The Original

Jean was often pictured with her crystal ball in hand and used this to scry and make her predictions.  Her crystal ball was 4 inches in diameter and was rumoured to glow and auctioned for no less than $11,950 complete with a beautiful gilt art nouveau style stand.

Jean Dixon pictured with her crystal ball
The original ball, auctioned for $11,950

How delighted I was therefore to find that in 1989 Franklin Mint had made a Jean Dixon Tribute Crystal Ball which I managed to find on eBay and in selected antique shops and shops selling curios and alike.

The Franklin Mint Replica Tribute 

Ok, so I am not that the replica ball is actual crystal, it might be a glass ball (I am yet to discover this and will let you know in due course), but the really treat I think it the beautiful gilt stand with so much detail, a beautiful collectors piece and in fact, although genuine earthly crystal is best for scrying, in fact any highly reflective surface can be used under the right circumstances.  I got mine Franklin Mint 1989 vintage collectors item for £55 which I don’t think is too bad.  What do you think?


franklin-mint-thread-life-fates_1_cc96560c74ad8410a3e2e290ade0a135.jpg  franklin-mint-thread-life-fates_1_cc96560c74ad8410a3e2e290ade0a135-2.jpg



4 thoughts on “Psychic Jean Dixon’s Crystal Ball Tribute

  1. What a lovely replica! It looks just like the original. Do let us know how your scrying with it turns out. It looks solid though. And I like the details in the stand itself. I never heard of Jean Dixon but it’s a very interesting story. If only she could’ve been able to get the warning to JFK….


    1. Thank you for the comment Elune. Lovely to hear from you. I’m rather new to blogging but am really enjoying it as just a lighthearted past time and it’s great to read about other’s wiccan / pagan works. You’re my first comment – so thanks! I’m glad someone else out there likes the ball as much as I do. Yes, I will let you know how I get on with scrying with it. My most successful scrying is with a smokey quartz ball and I’ve developed a psychic technique to read from it. I’ll share more on scrying with it compared to the other soon. Blessings!

      Liked by 1 person

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