Crystal Calling: How to choose ones that work for you

So I’ve been wanting to do a post about combining tools of divination (in particular tarot cards) and more particularly gem stones and crystals in more advanced magickal practice.  But before I do, I wanted to chat a bit about what to look for when choosing crystals to work with and how to listen for those stones that call to you.

This post came from a recent trip I made from London to Manchester and popped in a fine specialist store call Crystal Henge where I wanted to choose some new stones to work with and add them to my collection.

You may have visited a similar crystal specialist store yourself or a psychic fair, or browsed through the selection of gemstones and crystals in your local occult store and found that once inside, you are confronted with rather an overwhelming feeling of choice.

With so many beautiful colours and shapes you can easily feel dazed and dazzled by choice and having picked up and probed and fingered 50 or more gemstones, still feel no closer to knowing which ones you’d like to bag up and take home to work with.  If so you’re not alone!

Crystal Henge store in Afflicts of Manchester have a stunning selection of tumble stones, crystal wands, jewellery, pendulums, oils and other Wiccan supplies.

So here are some of my tips on how to choose stones with will work for you, and identify which stones call out to you:

  1. Start by clearing you mind of chatter and busyness from the day if possible.  Close your eyes if that helps and take a few deep calming breaths, standing in from of the stones.
  2. Forget what other people have told you you ought to try, or what worked for them.  One friend I know would always swear by her tigers eye and would wear it on a pendant, while another would swear by the benefits of her amethyst wand – but this about your personal connection and the benefits of these types of stone may differ from witch to witch!
  3. Take your time.  No rushing.
  4. Then open your eyes and note any crystals that simply seem attractive.  Collect in one hand a small selection of stones that you’re draw towards.
  5. What do you want the crystal to do for you?  Like all natural materials used by witches in spell work, the positive energies released by crystals are enhanced if the witch articulates their pursue and in effect, tells them what they need them to do.  Is this crystal for meditation, for development of psychic intuition, for enchantment or spells, for protection, grounding energy etc.
  6. Work with your intuition.  Books on crystals will tell us various truths about the nature of each crystal, for example that amethyst is good for meditation, or the labradorite is promoting psychic intuition, divination and dream work.  But if you are drawn to a totally different crystal but would like to use if for a similar purpose, follow these intuitions through and don’t hold back.
  7. Let your eyes take a few moments to glances over the stones before touching anything. Pick up the crystal and if necessary leave it in the store and come back to it.  Does it vibrate, feel overly warm or cool, how does it make you feel? – we’re obviously looking for good vibes here and the feeling of being enraptured by one special stone is worth more that lots of purchases.
  8. Lastly remember that the bond and synergy between witch and crystal grows with usage and time.  Crystals in the store have been poked and fingered by all sorts of customers.  Later I will post about I’d also like to do a post on how to cleanse crystals after buying, charge them for use and make the most of them in magical practice.
Incense, jewellery and other goodies.


Shattukie mineral tumble stones – do any call to you?

On Finding a Familiar

“A familiar (or familiar spirit or familiar animal) is an animal-shaped spirit or minor demon believed to serve a witch or magician as domestic servant, spy and companion, in addition to helping to bewitch enemies or to divine information”.

So sayeth they at!

What witch am I without such a friend or equal?  For years I’ve longed for a magickal familiar.  Trouble is,. Space, time, city living!

Perhaps a new spell is in order?  Perhaps it’s time to put out a calling. A familiar often chooses the witch, that’s for sure. I wonder,. A cat, dog, frog perhaps?

Recently I’ve contented myself with feeding a lone squirrel at the bottom of the garden and a group of approximately 10 city pigeons each morning. It forms part of a ritual I suppose, part of my day. Many ‘common’ animals are often overlooked but are just as lovely.

I love animal magick.  Animals in visions, animal omens and let’s not forget ‘totem animals’.  Mine is small black and white cat. I’ve seen her in dreams many times.  And animal messengers too.  I remember my friend Antonella telling me about the Raven that pecked repeatedly at the living room window for those hours before her grandmother died inside the house. That was a spooky one.

Me on a typical morning.

But about my spell,.. I think a little planning is in order

And like all good spells (that work), you must begin with a clearly defined intent.  I think it’s time to encode change.  A larger home, the space and facility to have a furry friend.  That’s it!  I’ve decided it’s time. Now down to spell work and planning.

Screen shot 2015-11-16 at 23.22.57.png
I found these green agate cats the other day which I may use for a the spell.  Agate is often use for protective magick, but let’s see.

I’ll post details of the spell later, or at least tell you how it went. There is a full moon on Wednesday 25th Nov, so that might be just the right time. I’ll need to do some visitation and prep work but let’s see.

I’ll leave you with an illustration from one of my favorite illustrators, a book fittingly titled ‘Catwitch’ by Una Woodruff.

‘Catwitch’ by Una Woodruff.